Valorant-Where can I find the radio command wheel?

In VALORANT, the radio command wheel sends messages at lightning speed. What information is possible and where is the radial menu actually hidden on the keyboard?

Communication is the be-all and end-all in esports. Of course, this also applies to multiplayer such as VALORANT. In the shooter from Riot Games, players can communicate with each other by speaking and writing.

The third option is radio commands, which can be quickly selected in the radio command. By default, the radio command wheel can be found on the PC keyboard on the “comma”.

radio command wheel

When it is open, you can use the mouse wheel to choose between “Combat”, “Tactics”, “Social” and “Strategy”. There you will find corresponding keywords that can be passed on to fellow players in an easily understandable manner.

Valorant-Where can I find the radio command wheel?
The radio command wheel enables quick communication with the team.

You can exchange ideas about what is happening in the game through combat, tactics and strategy. The social part is dedicated to the interaction between the players. The advantage of the radio command wheel is the speed of the message transmission. Because it is always faster than typing in chat message.

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In esports, communication is usually done in a speaking manner. But in some situations the radio command can step into the breach, for example if the headset should ever give up its ghost. The key assignment for radio commands and the radio command can be freely selected. So try out for yourself how you can best achieve the type of communication.

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