VALORANT player runs-and-guns their way to an ace using the Phantom

VALORANT player runs-and-guns: it is annoying to kill a player running VALORANT, especially when you have to solve this problem in the previous link. You can only shut down your computer if a player kills you and your other two teammates.

So, it happened in the latest VALORANT game. In the Reddit post, one player kills three players while running, which may indicate the need for a second update.

The player meets an opposing team, which is running towards a base. He decided to attack directly and drive away from the three enemies. Instead of stopping and shooting, the player continues to run away, while killing three enemies.

He killed the last two players to a great extent and the precision of the guns he walked with showed that he allowed the soldiers to kill them while walking.

This was a complaint from VALORANT players earlier this year, and Dangal Games increased the running error on all guns in patch 2.02. This helped alleviate the problem to some extent, but declared that soldiers were killed by killing the enemy.

VALORANT should be a tactical sniper that rewards precise aiming and knows how to control each weapon. The ability to attack opponents while running reduces a gap and skill ceiling from regular play. Some players believe this is best because it forgives new players greatly, while others think that fluency and shooting are not possible.

It is worth noting that the enemies in the clip are close to the player, which helped him land dangerous shots. But they clearly move, which would be a hindrance to the accuracy of the guns.

Riot has already addressed the issue once again, and if running and shooting become a major issue, developers are likely to make further changes.

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