Valorant patch 2.07 leaked – Astra and Viper before buffs

Valorant Patch 2.07 should not appear until April 13th, but the patch notes are already known due to a leak. Astra and Viper benefit from the update, Raze also expect changes.

The VALORANT data miner “floxay” prematurely revealed the alleged patch notes for update 2.07 on Friday night on Twitter. The patch is expected for next Tuesday and will mainly consist of bug fixes. patch was released on March 30th 2.06, whose patch notes you can read here.

2.07 patch NOTES


Patch Notes 2.07 -Buff for Astra, Viper’s decay bug fixed

The latest agent Astra gets a buff with the update,to be more precise, it’s about your gravity wall. With the ability, she should be able to use opponents who are in the future, the Spiketo defuse. If the opponent is thereby pulled out of the defuse range, the defuse is automatically canceled. So far, defusing enemies have not been affected by the effect of the Gravity Wall.

Viper was already in patch 2.06, but it also benefits from the new update. A bug fix ensures that Viper’s damage to enemies with armor who are affected by the decay effect of their abilities is calculated correctly. Players recently discovered a bug that prevented a target affected by the decay from being killed with a shot from the Marshal. This should be in the new patch be fixed.

More clarity against Raze

For Raze there are minor changes, but most of them favour their opponents. So you can go to Patch 2.07 here when Raze is pushed into the air by her blast pack and her abilities are visually adjusted to be less distracting and opaque.

The rest of the update consists of minor bug fixes. Riot Games only publishes the patch notes on the day of the update, so that there could be adjustments by the developer compared to the leaked changes.

In the patch notes 2.06, Riot Games took a close look at agents that were not played enough. Viper’s toxin ability has been improved and the associated damage increased. The new Duelist Yoru now needs to collect fewer Ultimate Points and charges his surprise visit faster.

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