Valorant mobile is officially announced by Riot Games

Are you ready to feel the sensation of playing Valorant mobile?

Valorant mobile is officially announced – Riot Games has officially announced its plans to bring Valorant to mobile devices following the success of the PC version that launched last year. The announcement was made on the eve of Valorant’s first birthday celebration.


Valorant is a tactical FPS game developed by Riot Games that has unique characteristics. In this game, each character has a series of ultility skills that can help players win battles.

Even a year after its birth, the game has played more than half a million matches played by more than 14 million players.

The news about Valorant’s presence in the mobile scene began to be widely heard in September last year. It comes after YouTuber Valorant, SkillCapped , discovered a series of mobile user interface (UI) code embedded into files for the game’s latest patch, 1.08.

The code specifically refers to the user’s ability to perform in-game actions by simply tapping the right side of the screen, a feature only available on touchscreen mobile devices.

Five months earlier, Valorant’s director, Joe Ziegler, also told Express Online that they were “exploring” the idea of ​​releasing the game on other platforms, including mobile.

Valorant Mobile is officially announced

Valorant mobile is officially announced

In celebration of Valorant’s one year anniversary, Riot has officially announced that they will be bringing the game to the mobile platform.

According to Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon, the most important thing for the team was to make sure they didn’t just make a simple mobile version of Valorant.

The idea is that the game will not only be a casual transition from the PC to mobile version, but also provide a unique experience for mobile users.

“We didn’t start with ‘We made Valorant on mobile,’ we started with ‘Can we make Valorant on mobile?’ with a lot of trepidation,” Donlon told

He continued to explain, “For us, anything you get from playing on PC, has to be on the mobile version. But we have to realize that the needs of mobile players are different.”

Previously we’ve seen Riot Games do something similar in League of Legends, precisely when they made League of Legends Wild Rift. Seeing the success of Valorant on the PC version, it is not surprising that they also have ambitions to enter the game into the mobile real world.

Unfortunately, the announcement did not provide further information. So it is very possible if we still have to wait long enough to see this mobile game launched.

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