When does Valorant map Breeze will arrive?

The new VALORANT Map Breeze is on the test servers. What does the new map look like and how is it structured. The official release is on April 27th.

The sixth map in VALORANT is called Breeze and will officially start next Tuesday. Riot Games has had the card tested on selected servers for a restricted audience since Friday. Breeze represents a remote island inspired by the Caribbean. According to Riot Games, the island is located in the southern part of the Bermuda Triangle.

Valorant map Breeze

What is more important is what the map has playfully on the box: Breeze has larger and wider rooms with long lines of sight than the previous maps. This opens up new possibilities for the use of weapons. So the sniper rifles on the tropical map are sure to be targeted.

Valorant map Breeze

Release is on April 27th

The airy structure also offers the opportunity for new strategies and tactics that can be worked out by teams. In addition, the agents’ skills should now become important, which were previously not so in focus.

Valorant map Breeze
Breeze is a large map that can be played very differently.

Breeze is to be understood as the antithesis of Icebox. The cold, angular world of the icy climes is now opposed to the warm, bright and colorful surroundings of the Caribbean, which comes along with old fortresses and tropical beaches. The new setting tells of modern piracy in a region steeped in history.

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