How to change your name in VALORANT


Change of scenery in VALORANT – here you can find out how to change your in-game name in Riot Games’ popular shooter.

With all its updates, new agents and maps, VALORANT is in and of itself a varied shooter game – but sometimes it needs a bit of fresh air for the players themselves. A new username in the game can easily take care of this. Here we show you how you can easily change your own name in VALORANT.

Via the Riot account to VALORANT

Many roads lead to Rome – and in order to change your username to VALORANT, a little detour via Riot Games itself is necessary. Since the game developer grants you access to all of their titles – from League of Legends to Runeterra to VALORANT – via a single ID, you can also manage your in-game name via this account. To do this, first visit the official Valorant page, select the “Play Now” field in the top right corner and log in with your Riot Games account information.

How to change your name in VALORANT
The Riot ID is linked to your in-game name in all Riot Games games. 
You can change them all once for 30 days. 
Image source: Riot Games

On the next page you fold out the options under your account name and select the field “Settings”. Here you will be asked again for your password and you may have to wait for a confirmation email with a code before you can continue. When you are finally verified, click on the option “Riot ID” and click on the edit icon.

If you click on the icon, you can redefine and save both your ID and the hashtag behind it. The change will then be visible directly in the game. Make sure, however, that you have not made a mistake and that you really want to have your ID – because if you have changed it once, you will only get the chance to do so again after 30 days!