Fnatic Valorant roster

Fnatic Valorant roster: Following a gradual begin to its 2021 VALORANT Champions Tour marketing campaign, Fnatic has pulled the cause on a roster flow. Kostas “tsack” Theodoropoulos has been benched, he announced today.

Tsack stated that “after all those bad results something had to change.” In the first level of the VCT, Fnatic lost all 3 of their suits within the Challengers major occasions. They lost to Wave Esports at Challengers ONE, FunPlus Phoenix at Challengers Two, and Ballista Esports at Challengers Three.

Second phase of Valorant

Their start to the second phase of the VCT turned into even greater disappointing, even though. They made it to the round-of-16 of the open qualifier, wanting one extra win to make sure their spot inside the Challengers One predominant event. But they fell to Alliance in maps, such as a heartbreaker in overtime on Haven.

With the exchange in layout for segment two, slots for European teams at the EMEA Challengers Finals are actually unavailable to Fnatic. EMEA includes Europe, Turkey, and CIS, and only four teams from Europe can reach that final. Fnatic will ought to play via open qualifiers again for EU Challengers Two, then end top two in that important event to attain the Challengers Final. Then, that they had have to finish pinnacle in that event to make it to Masters in Iceland.

After the first strike ends in 2020, the next Phoenician member will be the EU’s hottest free agent on Valorant. Competing under the name SUMN FC, they reached the final of the first strike after a surprise reversal win against FPX. They fell to Team Herodics in the Grand Final, but putting themselves on the map, they got what they wanted first. Two months later, Phenadic took them.

The major event for EU Challengers One resumes on April 6. Open qualifiers for Challengers Two begin on April 10. Fnatic has a week to fill the open slot in its lineup.

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