The best VALORANT agent camp to run on Ascent

Best valorant agent camp: A map with long genders of vision and final rotation, you will need correct comp. We close you.

This bounce is highly desirable for defenders, allowing teams to dominate early before advancing the attack. Having a good agent line-up can help ensure dominance when defending, while at the same time instructing the team’s potential enemies to defend.

To make the right set, let’s take a look at the best agent selections in a separate line, looking at the pro team rank from VCD N.A, Masters One. Since the Astra is still relatively new and has only entered the pro scene, we’ll leave that for now.Here is the best agent package for climbing.

  • Omen
  • Sova
  • Killjoy
  • Raze
  • Reyna/Phoenix/Jett


The best VALORANT agent camp to run on Ascent
Image via Riot Games

Nothing has been said about Oman yet. He is the best manager for a reason.Climb Climb is a large map with various elements. The ability to smoke accurately from anywhere on the map is a luxury that many agents do not have. With the introduction of Astra, this is subject to change. His presence in the pro game has slightly reduced Oman’s selection rate. But he is easy to pick up and offers tons of movement.

When B attacks the base, Oman can go through the mainstream of a lunatic and help his dualists enter. Add smoke to the market and CDs are difficult for the opposing team to defend. Similarly, billowing smoke through the sky and entrance of a site will force guards to play or retreat to the site.

Various types of rugged cover can be covered to throw enemies to cattle harness, Oman. It is best to bring back the smokey appetizer. Second on the dream map in Lotta Road.


The best VALORANT agent camp to run on Ascent
Image via Riot Games

A must-have agent on the Sova climb, with elaborate visual scenery and long corridors.

Agents’ intels can easily tell defenders where the team’s competition is at the beginning of a round, especially if players learn different raccoon bowling scenes. If you intend to shoot, throw your owl’s drone fairly. Learning shock tart angles is a great way to mark planting enemies in hanging spike locations.

However, Sova’s finale actually takes her over the edge. Because of Ascent’s long walkway, such as the main B and A, enemies often gather together. Sowa players can only target themselves and represent multiple enemies. It is also useful for delaying planting or planting, and allows you to stay a little farther when you thaw to save a cycle.


The best VALORANT agent camp to run on Ascent
Image via Riot Games

There is no better agent in locking the site than Killjoy, and Boom is right for that.

When the Mid Corridor is wider, the climbing places will be more crowded. This allows Kiljoy fans to avoid sleep and set trapping nets. Once your setup is determined, Kilos can easily change it or turn the sites into a friendly country.

His turret can easily catch enemies moving towards its base on a platform, cautioning defenders of the enemy’s motivation. This will often cause the attack teams to reconsider, which will move to another site.

For one site, Kiloja can place his alum and Nenovorm next door. It will capture them when an enemy shuts it down. Applying a pair of well-placed nanosworms to site B can overcome enemies trying to escape to site. Their finale in lock down is great for gaining a foothold or advancing enemies, giving you plenty of room to work.


The best VALORANT agent camp to run on Ascent
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The Race Explosive Kit can open a gap and remove it.

By letting Team Intel swoop on one site, the race’s boomboat can alert you to nearby enemies on the other side. His explosive packs allow him to take advantage of climbing positions, which allows you to avoid difficult situations or get unusual shots. Players usually use them to swap, especially experienced races that can double explosive packs for long distances. This will help create a start for your team that will make it harder to get into a site.

There is no better agent in destroying a team’s enemies than a race. Players can intercept the B Men with a grenade, boomboat or showstopper, which is dangerous to enter opposing teams. The same applies to the enemy or damage to the spike, in the process deadly paint shells are avoided.

Reyna, Phoenix, or Jett

The best VALORANT agent camp to run on Ascent
Image via Riot Games

For your team’s second duelist on Ascent, it definitely comes down to preference.

It’s hard to argue that flashes and blinds aren’t extremely important on Ascent. With such tight entry points into both sites, you’ll need whatever help you can get to break in. A Phoenix or Reyna flash is perfect for that. And both duelists can string together multiple kills with their ultimate, easily turning the tides of a fight.

While Jett doesn’t have a flash, her dashes and Op potential provide plenty for her team. When attacking a site, defenders might place traps or smokes at an entry point. Jett can easily bypass that by dashing in and throwing a couple of smokes for herself. Teammates can then follow her in and help pick off players she spots.

And since Ascent has those long sightlines, especially in the middle of the map, an Operator is a great way to snag an early pick. Jett is a great agent for the job because she can peek, take a shot, and dash out of harm’s way. Plus her Updraft is a great repositioning tool that can be used similarly to Raze’s Blast Pack.

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