Tips for mastering the Karakin map

Tips for mastering the Karakin map: When you are sent to an island to survive against 99 other people, knowing the battlefield conditions can be the key to victory. In PUBG Mobile, knowing how, where and when to land, and even the best way to escape can help you reach WWCD.

Tips for mastering the Karakin map

Karakin, PUBG Mobile’s newest map, only contains half the number of players in other maps, but the heat of competition in that map has not diminished one bit.

The island holds various secrets, from new weapons and mechanics to a network of tunnels hidden underground. Here are three things about Karakin you need to know if you want to get WWCD.

This place is full of explosions

Karakin is a map that is more dynamic than other PUBG Mobile maps. The structures and buildings on this map can be obliterated, allowing new strategies to be implemented. If you’ve ventured around Karakin, you are sure to see strange out-of-place walls in almost every building.

Tips for mastering the Karakin map

This is a destructible wall. Destroy it with an explosion and the wall will fall. You need to be careful when doing this as the sound of explosions will surely be heard by other players, but by using a sticky bomb that will activate after a few seconds, you can trick your enemies into thinking you are about to storm the newly formed hole. During this time, you can sneak in through doors, windows or stairs and attack any off guard.

The Panzerfaust’s weapon is very strong here

In line with the explosive theme of this small island, Karakin presents a weapon of the second world war era, the RPG Panzerfaust. Anyone who has ever played Payload mode will know of this projectile explosive terror. You’ll find Panzerfausts all over Karakin, but since they’re disposable only, you have to make sure that one shot pays a lot.

The Panzerfaust dives fast enough when fired so targeting distant targets will be very difficult. But if you use it against an open window, you can almost certainly uproot anyone in the room.

Take advantage of the underground tunnels

Although the majority of large spots are scattered around the Karakin coastline, the center of the map also contains several bunkers that hold little secret. Similar to a tamper-evident wall mechanism to open pathways, certain bunkers have destructible floors. Underneath there is a network of tunnels with a lot of equipment, you will probably come out with a full bag and in this place is safer than other locations.

Tips for mastering the Karakin map

But be careful. It’s hard to know where the bunker line will take you. In addition, not all bunkers in Karakin have tunnel entrances. If someone sees you heading into a completely closed bunker, you will be trapped because the only way out is the door you walked through when you entered.

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