PUBG: Shock to pubg game lovers Game launching is out now

PUBG: Shock to pubg game lovers, Bad news for PUBG lovers. There are no indications that the PUBG game will be launched in India right now. The central government banned 118 Chinese apps in September in the wake of a dispute with China over its borders over national security concerns. The list also includes the world-famous PUBG game.

However, the game’s operators terminated their contract with Tencent Games and registered Pubg Corporation as its own company in India. As part of this, it hopes to re-enter the market under the name “Pubg Mobile India”.Pubg Corporation has not yet received permission from the Center to re-launch the game in India.

However, on the same subject recently someone asked the concerned department through RTI on the release of the pubg game. Responding to this question, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology said, “The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has not given any permission to start the pubg.” The RTI question was reportedly filed on November 30.

The letter seeking RTI information reads as follows: “Dear Sir / Madam, In September 2020, the Government of India banned various Chinese apps as part of orders issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in your department. One of them is Pubg Mobile Game. “There are a lot of rumors coming soon that this game is specially made for Indians under the name ‘Pubg Mobile India’. I want to know if you have allowed this game to launch in India,” the complaint filed by RTI said.

According to the developers of PUBG Game, the game has been modified to reflect the local culture in ‘PUBG Mobile India Game’. Mentioned that it brought new settings to keep young children from playing the game for too long.

Pubg said the corporation has imposed restrictions on character costumes, green hit effects, and game time. Also mentioned is the newly brought virtual simulation training ground setting. Also, there are already some pubg game apk links appearing outside. However, experts say that hackers can hack your mobile through these APK links.

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