PUBG good news: PUBG re-launch this week all rumors?

PUBG re-launch this week all rumors: It seems that PUBG has finally fixed the moment to launch its services in India again. Despite rumors that PUBG will be relaunched in the second or third week of January, the service is expected to take some time to launch on a large scale in March this year. However, the company has not made any official statement on this.

It was initially rumored to be relaunched between January 15-19. PUBG has yet to receive approvals from the central government. But cybercrime experts warn that such rumors do not believe the PUBG APK download. Unlike the global version, there is a craze among Indians for the release of the Indian version of PUBG.

Ban from September 2

While game lovers are eagerly awaiting the return of PUBG Mobile India, PUBG is disappointed that there are no new updates. It seems that the speculations that it will take a long time for the PUBG game to come to our country are getting stronger.

Although the company has made a concerted effort to relaunch the game in India as soon as possible, it has yet to succeed. Permits have not yet been received from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, a central government department.

The Center has said that it would not be appropriate for banned companies to just float a new company in our country for their business transactions and become operational again. The central government has made it clear that TikTok would follow the same path if it were an easy affair for the pubg, which is a matter of national security. With this, it looks like it will take more time for the PUBG game to become available.

PUBG Mobile India PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Mobile India, PUBG Mobile Lite titles, etc. The new game is ready to be launched in the Indian market under the auspices of PUBG Mobile India, the company said on social media. But with no subsequent updates, it is clear that the game has no chance of hitting the market right now. Submitted Rs 5 lakh as Paid Up Investment and registered with Indian Corporate Affairs. On the other hand, even after getting all the permissions, there are leaks that PUBG Mobile India will be available only on the Android platform first.

On September 2, the Indian government banned 118 China Apps, including PubG. PUBG, however, is a South Korean company with operations in Tomsant, China. The Government of India has also banned it to protect the cyber security and privacy of the Indian people. Despite the ban, PUBG has the flexibility to play in India. But the game was officially banned from October 30, 2020.

Special PUBG for India

PUBG is coming up with a special edition for gamers in India. The ban on PUBG Game in India had a profound effect on the company. However, there was no attempt to get PUBG back into India. For this, it has partnered with local companies and entered into an agreement with Microsoft to store user data in India. Following the ban on PUBG in India, the Chinese wrestling company has redesigned the game for Indian PUBG Lovers, who are struggling to re-enter India. Some changes were also made to suit the taste of the Indians. Part of it is designed to be full of costumes for pubic characters.

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