Pubg New Season 10 is coming with New Haven Map and AI Enemies

Pubg New Season 10 is coming with new map. PUBG presents a new map of Haven, a stainless industrial island in the United States. The new Haven Map Player lets you pass through dense, urban roads and terraces, but this accommodation is safe. The soldiers face a new threat in their battle, against which the enemy team works. Named Pillar, this division is armed and not much fun as a racer.

You must avoid the Pilar Scout helicopter trying to keep an eye on the survivors from the sky. When the pillar stops the tactical truck and tries to quickly deflect its target with bullets and fire, the unfortunate people must walk quickly enough to get their attention. Finally, soldiers must deal with column guards and commanders. These players are armed with heavy weapons, but those who manage to reduce them will find powerful tools in temporary storage that protect them.

Pubg New Season 10 is coming

PUBG Season 10 Test server patch Notes

New Map: Haven
Haven has a dense, 1 × 1 urban map and individually supports 32 players in either Dios or 1-Man Dios.

Haven Districts 

carbon steelworks

In the heart of Haven, we see a large plant — the Carbon Steelworks complex. Explore the raging depths to save you from precious prey or use your garden skills to explore the rooftops! This location offers gun games in all ranges, but check the dark corners!
Coal yard
An industrial desert: Go through a pile of material, climb the crane, and make sure you are not noticeable under the flashing lights. The coal yard is a shooter’s paradise!

Industrial area

In the north, soldiers explore the industrial area. Factories, chemical manufacturers, and players with storage facilities have to go to long-distance field meetings, and walk indoors in brutally covered quarters.

Residential area

Find the heart of heaven- the abode. Fight on our high-rise apartments, use tactical parachutes to swim through the bustling streets below, beware — Pilar Tactical Patrol Main Street!


Find the heart of heaven- the abode. Fight on our high-rise apartments, use tactical parachutes to swim through the bustling streets below, beware — Pilar Tactical Patrol Main Street!


In the west, well-lighted ports provide generous cover and opportunities for players to take advantage of them! Players can use old shortcuts as shortcuts regardless of the high risk / reward game!

Seasonal Map

The haven is a seasonal map available only for season 10.
  • Heaven is available only during season 10.
  • TPP and FPP.
  • 32 players per match.
  • There are no common bots on the map that act as players or are added to the number of players.
  • Duo mode with 1-man duo only.
  • The match length is shorter than other maps. You get about 70% BP compared to the full match on the second map.
  • You can work towards the development of Mastery, Survivor Pass and Battlestat in Heaven, but your stats are not recorded in the Career tab.

Guard and column manager

Beware of columns, enemy teams that do not deliver completely new elements of the game to existing battlegrounds. The guards and commanders seek resistance that protects parts of the map differently, which serves as an additional factor that you have to fight with other soldiers seeking to eat chicken.
  • Pillar members guard the respective areas and attack the soldiers.
  • Pillar guards have basic equipment, pillar commanders have top equipment.
  • When attacked, they send backup requests to Pilar Scout helicopters, which can alert Pilar Trick.
  • Farm in Heaven only.

Pillar Supply Temporary Storage

  • Pillar supplies replace cash maintenance packages and require pathetic cash weapons.
  • Players can obtain cash keys by defeating pillar commanders.
  • After the cache is opened, all players can access the cache and it will be looted.
  • Farm in Heaven only.

Pillar Scout Helicopter

  • This helicopter passes through the skies of the haven, watching the soldiers hide in the open.
  • A spotlight shines directly on the observed players and their position is given directly to the pillar move. Pilar begins his attack on the best players following strategy.
  • Farm in Heaven only.

Pillar Tactical Truck

  • This scare device revolves around the haven and attacks the players on sight. The pillar move is indestructible, so if you run into someone, don’t try to fight it – run! This giant beast also fires grenades to attack the soldiers hiding behind its front cover.
  • Pillar strategy interacts with other column members to respond to the call and to join the contacts.
  • Farm in Heaven only.

Emergency parachute

  • Emergency parachutes are located around the haven, which are used to quickly descend from high ground and prevent fall injuries. Don’t forget to deploy parachutes while running through the hard roof, as they will not deploy alone.
  • It is a single item item that fills the inventory space of your cargo.
  • Farm in Heaven only.

Survivor pass Season 10: Breakthrough

Survivor Boss: All the gear you have to do on the streets of Heaven is in victory. New features based on the best characters and even in the new enemy team, you will get many great rewards to unlock when fighting your 100 pass levels. Success lasts for about 3 months, so start early and ask for your awesome new rewards!
  • Survivor Pass: Success begins on December 16, 2020 upon completion of direct server maintenance.
  • This pass ends on March 24 at 11 am KST, and you will have to maintain it until March 31 to request any reward pass.
  • The assassination mission can only be accomplished if you were killed during a fight, not just helping a soldier be credited to another soldier.

 Mission Types

  • Daily missions
  • Weekly missions
  • Season  Mission: There are two types of travel for different types of weapons.
  • SR task
  • SG trips
  • Challenging tasks: These tasks can be completed by searching every corner of the map.

Ranking season 10

Welcome to another new ranking season.
Season 9 login prizes will be awarded. For details on these awards, see Season 9 ranking results and award announcements.
  • As usual, players must complete five placement matches at the start of the new season.
  • Once they complete their placement matches, the players will receive an initial grade.
  • The performance of these placement contests and the final ranking in the previous period will be used to determine the initial ranking at the end of the placement.
  • The season 9 leaderboard ends.
  • After maintenance on the live server, the Season 9 leaderboard will be updated to the latest version.

Ranking mode update

  • RP for ranking of matches The method used to calculate the changes has been modified to improve the player’s experience and reduce stress.
  • Overall RPG to reduce grind and performance based on current player rankings. The profit / loss ratio has increased a lot.
  • Players can more accurately predict how many games they must win or lose to reach a given ranking.
  • Additional Mass Murder Penalty
  • Killing the ranked team will result in a penalty for delay in making the match.
  • Added Erangel Ferry
  • Erangel Ferry will be included in the ranking and game modes, which are currently in general competition.

Rank in season 10 awards

The following awards are available based on the players’ rankings at the end of the season 10 rankings.
  • Season 10 ranked Mirado
  • Season 10 ranked parachute
  • We will update the details with further announcements, including the end of season 10 and the announcement of awards soon.


  • The heel icon animation speed now varies between 4 speed intervals depending on your boost level, to better see the boost effects.
  • A quick reminder of the 4 steps of strength and their effects:
  • Level 1: Healing at 1 HP every 8 seconds
  • Level 2: Heal every 8 seconds at 2 HP
  • Level 3: Treat 3 HP every 8 seconds and add 2.5% spell speed
  • Level 4: Heals every 4 seconds at 4hp and adds 5% speed  character boost.

Emotes in Lobby

  • Players can now use emotes outside the game lobby to show their friends.
  • Open the emote wheel using the specified Hotkey or Emote shortcut. The selected emote wheel plays until it disappears.
  • You can cancel active emotional by clicking on RMB.
  • Available in the lobby in normal and training mode. Not available in ranking.


  • Improve skin preview
  • Added a function to wear / remove skins during preview.
  • Checkout UI update (Steam only).
  • The value of ownership of G-currency players is reflected in the fresh pattern that appears when purchasing.
  • The purchase flow is streamlined, so players can buy G-currency immediately when they do not have enough G-currency.
  • Change the PP and G-currency icons to make it easier to identify each other.
  • Menu customization improved
  • Changed background for custom menu
  • Added tooltip for emotional tab
  • Added motor glider and Aquarius filter for customization – vehicle menu – and more.
  • Improved functionality to avoid introductory introductory videos.
  • After pressing any key while playing the video, players will be asked to press a button to avoid introduction.
  • Improved visual stability of some tabs.
  • Improvements have been made to the custom match waiting room UI.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a type of incorrect location in the settings menu.
  • Fixed some weird dirt bike animations.
  • Many map improvements were made in Sanhok.
  • Fixed an issue with CUSTOMIZE → VEHICLE CATEGORY displaying the name “Dacia” simultaneously in English and Chinese.
  • Fixed an issue where G-Coin would display unusual text in a black silver item preview.
  • Fixed a typo under the SETTING → Cloud Storage menu.
  • Fixed an issue with noiseless legs while wearing Sadiya’s wedding dress / war suit.
  • Update FPP camera view to update 9.2 by accident change.
  • An issue where player nicknames were not displayed while driving in watch mode.
  • Fixed an issue with purchase button sound enabled, even if the cancel button was selected in the purchase popup.
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles collided with buildings to harm soldiers, while soldiers stood behind a door.
  • Fixed issue with writing patterns showing unusual distances while holding arms
  • Fixed an issue where the target position would seem difficult after scrolling through the reprint.
  • Fixed an issue when the range of weapons was not shown when used as free game reprints.
  • Fixed an issue with killing what was not shown when scrolling replay.
  • Fixed issue with report feature from non-working timeline on reboot.
  • Fixed a blue zone time measurement issue above the minimum which was not displayed correctly when scrolling back and forth.
  • Fixed a problem with bullet tracer not working during reboot, panel color / thickness control.
  • Fixed viewer priority mode not working.
  • Fixed issue with some HUD components not showing when using item recovery / upgrade items.

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