PUBG Mobile 1.3 Global Beta update for worldwide users (2021)

The PUBG Mobile 1.3 Global Beta update is just around the corner, and the developers are preparing for the revamped iteration in the beta stage.

The beta version is accessible to regular players, provided that they meet certain criteria.

PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update has been rolled out for the global version of PUBG Mobile. Game testing players can download the APK file of this beta update. The APK link of this game is available on the official website of PUBG Mobile. With the new update the player will get weapons like Karakin Map, new Rocket Launcher Panzerfaust and Sticky bomb.

The newly rolled out update has been rolled out only for Android users. Its stable version will be rolled out with PUBG Mobile Season 17. Game testers can play this beta before PUBG Mobile Season 17 begins.

Where to download PUBG Mobile 1.3 Global Beta UPDATE?

Players who play PUBG Mobile Global Version can download this beta update through this link. Keep in mind that this update can only be installed with PUBG Mobile Global Version. PUBG Mobile is banned in India, so players will not be able to download this update. The stable version of beta 1.2 for PUBG Mobile Global version was rolled out in January last month.

What’s new in PUBG Mobile

Karakin Map: Players will be able to play the new karakin map with the PUBG Mobile beta 1.3 update. This new 2 × 2 map is located in the dry and open environment of North America. Stone boulders are given around this map. The map coming with the new beta update will be similar to the Karakin map rolled out for PUBG PC in the past. In this, maximum 64 players will be able to play matches once.

Panzerfaust: This rocket launcher also comes with Karakin Map. This rocket is capable of taking one shot and can ruin any surface. The limitation with this weapon is that it can only be used once in gameplay. Apart from Rocket Launcher, Sticky bomb Weapon (weapon) will also be available with the new beta update. The Motor Glider found in the Erangle and Miramar Map along with the Karakin Map will also be available. However, there will be an upgrade to the new Motor Glider with pubg mobile beta 1.3.

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