PUBG Mobile India update: Big setback for gamers, not possible before March 2021

PUBG Mobile India update: The players of PUBG Mobile India are in deep despair. The game, which was banned by the government with 118 Chinese apps in September, is still too late. According to Inside Sport, PUBG Mobile India will not be launched before March 2021.

According to a government official, PUBG Mobile India tried to build a mega-launch site by the end of this year, but not before March 2021. PUBG Mobile has been trying to hold a meeting with Corporation MEITY (Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology) for the last four weeks, but no progress has been made on this. However, the meeting could not be held due to government regulations regarding the matter.

The government has collectively banned the use of Chinese apps in the country. According to the stated policy, the government will not treat others or provide special assistance and will not meet a prohibited person violating management standards. Its clear message is: PUBG Mobile India will not get any special status. The second and main reason is that the country still has many feelings against China. The tension in Galvan Valley has not subsided yet. When all 118 applications, including PUBG Mobile India, are banned, the main reason is that these applications compromise national security. When that factor weighs in, it looks like PUBG Mobile India will get a special option.

Did all the efforts go in vain?

According to some gaming sites, PUBG Mobile India differs from the global version in many ways. What is the difference for PUBG Mobile in India as compared to the global version? It started with the name. The name of the game in India is PUBG Mobile India, in the global market, it is only PUBG Mobile. According to reports, there have been game changes in the Indian market. In November, construction workers unequivocally revealed that there would be no extra bloodshed and the costumes and character were in keeping with India’s sentiments. KRAFTON is affiliated with Microsoft Azure, a joint independent game development team responsible for various entertainment features such as PUBG and TERA.

All developments are now doomed on PUBG Mobile India to resume the New Year game in late November or November, which is also unlikely to start in March 2021. This is a major hurdle when FAU-G decides to start their game to the players in India and everyone will watch. This will benefit FAU-G as they can now establish their place in the gaming market.

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