PUBG Mobile India likely to be released -check details

PUBG Mobile India likely to be released in the first week of December. It is to be noted that the Indian version of PUBG will be released only after the approval of the Government of India.

PUBG Mobile India likely to be released

According to reports, the Central Government has already approved the official registration of the mobile game in India.

This means that PUBG Mobile India is now a registered company as per the rules and regulations laid down by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The new company has been listed on the ministry’s website with a valid Corporate Identity Number (CIN) and the registered office is in Bengaluru.

On November 12, PUBG Corporation announced the release of a special Indian version of PUBG Mobile, which PUBG fans in India are eagerly waiting for official release. According to reports, PUBG Mobile India will be officially launched in the first week of December, but PUBG Corporation has not yet made an official announcement.

A few days before Deepawali, PUBG Corporation announced its plans to re-enter the Indian market by creating an Indian subsidiary and a new game. PUBG Mobile Corporation plans to invest 100 million dollars in India.

According to reports, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile India was initially available only to users on the Android operating system. The company will release the game to iOS users in a few days.

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