Players are playing PUBG Mobile by following easy tricks, don’t make this mistake even by mistake


PUBG Mobile has been banned in India for months and players are waiting for its Indian version of PUBG Mobile India. Many rumors are coming out about the launch of this game in India. In November, PUBG Corporation announced the launch of the Indian version of the game. After which many rumors (Rumors) are coming out about the launch of this game. Some PUBG fans are not waiting for the launch of PUBG Mobile India. They are able to play the global version of PUBG Mobile easily in India.

BGR India also tried out the multiplayer mode of the global version of this game and easily joined the game’s server. However, Apple users will be waiting for the launch of the Indian version of this game but it is easy for Android users to play this game despite the ban.

It was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store only after the Indian government banned the game, but that was not enough. The APK download link for this game for Android users is on the website which players are downloading and playing on their smartphones using the Virtual Private Network (VPN). However, this is extremely dangerous to do because to play it on Android smartphone you have to give your smartphone access to third party app.

These tricks are adopted by the players

Players are downloading the free VPN app on their smartphone. Hundreds of such VPN apps are available on the Google Play Store, which players download to their smartphones.

After downloading the VPN app, players select a region other than India. By doing this, the smartphone connects to another country’s network.

Then players go to the website of PUBG Mobile Global’s website through Google Chrome and download the APK of this game.

The size of this APK file is 624MB. After the download starts, the players turn off the VPN server so that the download speed can increase. After the file is downloaded, players are able to install the game and play it.

Players can access all their old states after logging into the game through their social media account.

BGR India also tried to play this game on Android smartphones by following these steps. After the game was downloaded, 1.2 update of PUBG Mobile became available which after downloading accessed the multiplayer of PUBG Mobile. After joining this game we found that many more Indian players are able to play PUBG Mobile.

Do not make this mistake even by mistake

The way players are downloading and playing this game using VPN server, it seems that it is just a joke that PUBG Mobile is banned in India. However, downloading games using a VPN server is dangerous and also violates the IT Act of the Government of India. In such a situation, do not download the game using these tricks. Your personal information may be unsafe. You should wait for the launch of PUBG Mobile India.Not only this, in the next few days i.e. on January 26, FAU-G game is being launched in India, you can play it or games like PUBG Mobile’s Alternatives like COD (Call of Duty) or Free Fire.Can also play