PUBG Mobile India: The government will end peace on opening date

Amid growing speculation about the launch of PUBG Mobile India in the Indian market, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY) has stated that it has not officially allowed the re-launch of PUBG Mobile in India. Government will end peace on opening date.

MEITY PUBG was banned in September along with hundreds of other Chinese applications. In response to a question, MEITY announced that “MEITY has no permission to launch PUBG”. Insight Sport said it filed the information question on November 30.

ESports entity GEM Esports has given reply of RTI on their instagram handle.

The Government of India has banned various Chinese applications in consultation with your department (MEITY). One of these pubs is a mobile game. Today, there is a lot of news that the game is being restarted and both of these are being made especially for the general public in India and it will not cause any harm to the country and its citizens. I would like to know if your department has given permission to resume the game,

MEITY replied: “MEITY did not give any permission to start PUBG”

Earlier, the Insightboard reported that PUBG Corporation officials had been chasing Meity officers for more than a month, but they could still hold a meeting with the government. If there is a delay in getting approval, PUBG Mobile India will not be released in the Indian market in future.

Attempts from PUBG have been made with due diligence, but this is the case – in this case without any caution or correction. We do not have to return to India for the next few months before March 2021. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to live here, ”a pub official told Insidesport.

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