Godzilla vs Kong and PUBG Mobile Collaboration: All you need to know

The Godzilla vs Kong and PUBG mobile collaboration will be the main theme of PUBG Mobile version 1.4. This collaboration will present gameplay and content related to the battles of the giants. You Must know about Godzilla vs Kong and PUBG mobile Collaboration.

Again, PUBG Mobile is doing a big collaboration. After the famous K-Pop artists and PC games, now is the turn for the box office film “Godzilla vs Kong” which they collaborated with.

Here are all the important changes in version 1.4 that you definitely won’t want to miss:

Spawn Island Cinematic

Players will witness a special cinematic as they enter the Spawn Islands in Erangel and Sanhok. Godzilla will emerge from Erangel’s shores, while Kong will come from the wilderness of  sanhok.


Godzilla vs Kong and PUBG MOBILE Collaboration

Godzilla and Kong will appear in Erangel and Sanhok, the two rulers will carry out various actions. You can check their position on the minimap in real-time. But keep in mind, all the actions they take can have a direct impact on the players. For example, if you get kicked or stepped on by the giant, you are bound to fall.

Apex Supply Camp

There will be camps with various high-level supplies on the map. As we know in the movies, Apex is the company that sparked the Titan ire. After Godzilla or Kong destroys the camp, players can enter and loot high-level items such as Level 3 Helmets and AWM sniper rifles.

Titan Crystal

The three titans namely Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla each have specific crystals with varying effects. Players can use it to increase their strength.

PvE against Monsters

Godzilla vs Kong and PUBG MOBILE Collaboration

In version 1.4 later, there will be a swarm of monsters in certain maps that attack players when they are near them. When destroyed, these monsters provide a number of equipment such as the AR SCAR-L weapon and Energy Drink.

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Electromagnetic Scaner

The most famous robot from the Godzilla film, Mechagodzilla, will also appear on the Livik folder. Even though the robot is just silent, it will periodically scan the entire map to reveal all players’ locations in the scanned area. This mechanism will certainly make Livik even more tense.

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