Do you know the launch date of PUBG Mobile India?

PUBG Mobile India: PUBG is ready to enter India once again with Government approval. The government gave the last chance for millions of fans. Popular Battle Royale game PUBG has been unreviled for mobile suspense and officially launched in India. Do you know the launch date of PUBG Mobile India lets see about it.

The latest report has claimed that PUBG Mobile India will be launched from January 15 to January 19. This claim has been made in a YouTube video. However, at present, this claim seems far from reality, because today is January 19 and no announcement has been made about it yet. On the other hand, according to earlier reports, the wait for PUBG Mobile India in India may be longer. This Battle Royal mobile game is not expected to be launched before March.

Reports say it will be available to everyone by the second or third week of January. Despite the odds, Zee Media says it will definitely launch before March.

What is the government saying on PUBG Mobile India Relaunch?

The central government has responded to several RTIs regarding the relaunch of PUBG, saying that the government will not take any hasty decision in this matter. Government agencies will allow PUBG to launch in India only after a full analysis of the app. It is clear that at the moment only speculations are being made about the return of Pubg to India.

PUBG Mobile made two big announcements in December 2020. PUBG made these plans with the intention of growing fans. Parent company Krafton Inc has recently appointed Aneesh Arvind as New Country Manager for India. The board added four more to the team.

These four are the ones who are part of Tencent. The Company holds all rights to the Global version of PUBG Mobile. The FAU-G Fearless and United Guards, which will launch on January 26, are scheduled to launch on January 26. The company hopes to make a lot of occupancy in the gaming market.

Its data center is also located in India. Because it is a Made in India product. PUBG Mobile Data Center is linked abroad. Encore Games created FAU-G Fearless and United Guards.

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