BGMI ios release date,pre registration, download link

BGMI ios release date: The official version of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been successfully launched on the Google Play Store today, despite several events and threats of another ban on the game.

As an Esports title & widely praised mobile gaming experience, the Battle Royale game from 2018 enjoyed great success in India.

In comparison, iOS users have been excluded from the Battlegrounds Mobile India experience since its very beginning, even though android users have been able to access it since its early access launch.

Before Krafton launched the beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, it posted in the support section of its website that the iOS version would be released soon.

Players relied on content creators for some assurance since iOS users couldn’t pre-register. Esports personalities like Ghatak had said that the game will launch on the same day it’s officially launched for Android users. BGMI ios release date

Though Android players can download the game, iOS users do not have a release date yet.

BGMI ios release date

Kronten on BGMI iOS Version Release

A member of both Team GodLike Esports and its Owner, Kronten, played an integral role in the speculations that swirled around in advance of BGMI’s release into the world.

It was just few hours before the launch today that he found out that the Android version would be available for download. BGMI ios release date

In a video posted to his official YouTube channel, the gaming influencer said, “We still have to wait a few days for the game to be available for iOS devices.”

It is unknown when the BGMI iOS release date will be announced by Krafton itself. The company didn’t mention anything about this on its social media updates today.

The suffering of iOS users can only be prolonged for now, as these few days could turn into weeks. We will let you know once more solid information emerges on this issue.

Ghatak on Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Version Release

Similarly, Ghatak published a story on his Instagram account. Read it below.

BGMI ios pre registration date

The Android version of Battleground Mobile India might be released by July 24, 2021, according to KRAFTON. Let me be clear that they have not given an update on the IOS version.

BGMI is basically a replica of the PUBG Mobile India game. Currently, the IOS version of BGMI is in development by KRAFTON. However, there is a beta version of BGMI available on the Google Play store.

BGMI, the third edition of the game, is a game management system that was developed by KRAFTON after its ban in India.

The game may be released without Early Access for iOS users. It might also be announced any time soon whether it can be played without preregistration.

The BGMI Mobile India app also reminds users to reduce screen time, monitor posture, and perform other health-promoting activities. There are several changes made to the game as well. Kill has been changed to Finish, and blood has been changed to Green.

Battleground mobile India ios download link

In July, gamers were treated to a hit as BGMI – Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android was released in an unprecedented manner. Gamers, though, had been expecting that this would certainly be released at the beginning of the month. There was an early release and pre-registration for Android users made by the developers of BGMI Krafton, allowing gamers with Android more advantages.

It was not known when BGMI was to be launched in iOS or when the iOS version of BGMI would be available in India. iOS users were utterly disappointed with the developments.

As on Android BGMI – Battlegrounds Mobile India is a direct port from the iOS, this would allow Android gamers to play on iOS via BGMI iOS Download APK Link.

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