Battlegrounds Mobile India release date may be 10 June

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date: Battlegrounds Mobile India is going to be launched soon. The teaser of the game has arrived, its trailer will also come soon. According to the reports, the launch date of the game may be 10 June.

The teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India has arrived and now the players are awaiting its launch date, but the company has not yet announced the launch date of this mobile game. The game is coming with Krafton owned by PUBG. Let us know that PubG Mobile was banned in India in September last year, after which all attempts to return the game have failed. Crafton will launch its new game in India soon, but its launch data has not been announced yet.

According to the reports, Battlegrounds Mobile India can be launched on June 10 and there is a theory behind its launch date. Like the other fan theories, the launch date of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been estimated from the new poster of the game. Crafton recently posted a picture on the upcoming game’s Facebook page.

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date

Gaming fans believe that the sun is hidden behind the helmet, which is facing towards the solar eclipse. Since the next solar eclipse is on 10 June, Battlegrounds Mobile India can be launched on 10 June. This is a completely fictional story, but this story is influencing the fans a lot according to the poster.

Apart from this, some YouTube gamers had reported the launch date of PUBG Mobile India as June 10, so also the launch date of Battleground Mobile India could be June 10. Apart from this, some fans believe that it may be the symbol of a lunar eclipse. Since the next lunar eclipse is on 26 May, the game may launch on 26 May. According to reports, Crafton may launch the first trailer of this game soon. The company will hold two events in May, the first of which was the announcement of the game and the second will launch its trailer. The game will be released next month.

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