Are PUBG games allowed in India? IT Department Key Announcement

Are PUBG games allowed in India? PUBG Bad news for game lovers. There are no indications that this mobile game is currently available in India. PUBG Corporation has always said that it will make it available in India as soon as possible. But it has recently come to light that the central government has not given permission for this.

The Central Department of Electronics and IT has responded to two applications received under the Right to Information Act on permits for the Pubg Game. Officials said the game was not allowed on the website, mobile app or other services. The Central IT and Electronics Ministry has received two applications under RTI seeking to know whether the authorities have given permission to Pubg Mobile India to enter India through the app stores of Google and Apple. These were filed by Medianama and GEM Sports.

Permissions are mandatory

PUBG Corporation has repeatedly stated that it is making changes to the existing mobile game and developing the latest ‘PUBG Mobile India’ game exclusively for India. But this organization continues to face obstactles in our country. Our country has banned the PUBG Corporation, which is based in China. The central government has blacklisted Chinese apps on the grounds that they pose a threat to national security. PUBG will be available in our country again only if the permits are obtained as per the law.

Made changes .. but …

PUBG Corporation has announced that it will set up a new company, PUBG Mobile India, to launch the game in India. Azure Cloud has also entered into an agreement with Microsoft to ensure that customer data is stored domestically. The company says it will make changes to the game, such as Naked Avatars and the Green Hit Effect, so that parents can keep an eye on their children while they play the game. But the center did not appear to be satisfied with these proposals. If the re-baned pubg game is allowed again .. more China apps listed in the blacklist may also apply for the rebaned version. So it seems that the Centeral is cracking down on pubg. PUBG Corporation, its parent company Krafton, has not officially responded to the IT department’s response to RTI applications.

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