PUBG Lite: The company decided to stop the game

PUBG Lite: The company decided to stop the game. There are many versions of PUBG i.e. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game is available from high-end smartphones and computers to low-end devices. This game with Battle Royale Jenner is very much liked around the world.

You can play it from your low-end smartphone to a powerful computer. In the gaming world, from PUBG to PUBG Mobile Lite is available. However, one version of it is about to be discontinued. The company has given information about this.

The light version of PUBG, ie PUBG Lite, is going to close at the end of April. This free-to-play version was launched for the lower-end machine, which will kick off on 29 April. The company has stopped its new download on 30 March. Game publisher Krafton has written a note for his fans. However, the company has not yet clarified the reason for its closure.

What is the company says on PUBG LITE

The company wrote on the PUBG Lite website, ‘We are grateful for the passion and support of PUBG Lite fans. During the difficult period of COVID-19 epidemic, PUBG Lite entertained the fans and provided a fun way to stay safe. However, we have taken a difficult decision. After much consideration, we have decided to end the journey of PUBG Lite. We are sorry to tell you that the services of PUBG Lite are going to stop from 29 April 2021. ‘

Let me tell you that in November last year, Publisher Krafton made PubG Lite completely free-to-play. The company removed the in-game currency system at that time for this discontinued version. The game launched in beta version in Thailand in January 2019. The game was later launched in Europe in October 2019 and the game’s journey is ending in April 2021. The company has not yet given a reason for discontinuing the game.

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