DPC China Regional League season 2 standings 2021

DPC China Regional League: The second and final season of the 2021 Dota professional Circuit 2021 Regional League is already current.

One Sports Singapore Major had the biggest story in the final of Invictus Gaming against Evil Genius, but the entire region gave its account. PSG.LGD ended with a podium placement, and VICI Gaming finished with the first half.

But the league is full of more stars. For regional tournaments like China, the four teams that went to Singapore Major are unlikely to lose their place as they are the last major of this season.

what’s the risk?

Sixteen teams in the upper and lower divisions fight in a round-robin, top three formats.

The top four teams in the top division will make their second major trip of the season with individual seeds. The winner directly qualifies for the playoffs, second in the team stage and the final two on the wild card. A prize pool of $205,000 and expected DPC points are available. The bottom two teams will be pushed into the bottom division.

The bottom division sees the first two teams high, while the bottom two open qualifiers are quietly removed to the new ranks. $75,000 prizes will be distributed among the eight teams.

The remaining teams that do not qualify for the International 10 will qualify for the final opportunity. The winner will receive a spot in the TI10 along with those who qualify with DP10 points.

Groups to watch

Elephants are bowing in front of the wall. The All-Star team was blamed for their appearance in the first round so that they could be recorded with a lot of love from their rivals. On paper, they hold the power to crush each team in their own way, but it is time to turn those maps into results.

Despite being stuck on its list by COVID-19 and gaining all TI10 tickets, Invictus Gaming has established itself as the best team in the region. Many teams try to throw him, but the winners of the Singapore Major will keep coming from flying high.

PSG.LGD has taken the brunt of its star players and undoubtedly recruitment but seems to have come in a better position. Carry Ame plays like a reborn man, constantly supported by his teammates and will improve himself in the second season of the league.

Upper division

Rank Team name Series Games
1 EHOME 1-0 2-1
2 Royal Never Give Up 1-1 3-2
3 Elephant 0-0 0-0
4 Invictus Gaming 0-0 0-0
5 PSG.LGD 0-0 0-0
6 Team Aster 0-0 0-0
7 Vici Gaming 0-0 0-0
8 Sparking Arrow Gaming 0-1 0-2

Lower division

Rank Team name Series Games
1 CDEC Gaming 1-0 2-0
2 Phoenix Gaming 1-0 2-0
3 Team MagMa 1-0 2-0
4 Aster.Aries 1-1 2-3
5 LBZS 1-1 3-2
6 Demon Slayer 0-1 0-2
7 Dragon 0-1 0-2
8 Xtreme Gaming 0-1 0-2

The standings will be updated throughout the entire season.

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