Cloud9 secure first in APAC North Stage One with an undefeated record

Cloud9’s Rainbow Six Siege team defeated CAG 7-4 to finish cloud9 secure first in APAC North stage.

The early months of 2021 were dominated by all Korean lists. They were 7–0 at the time and nothing pushed them into overtime. If the CAG had won their match, both teams would have led 6–1. GUTS Gaming and T1 pushed the C9 twice for 7-5.

Lee “Nova” Si-Hun is rare for C9 at this point. Support in the three most important figures in the Rainbow Six – Handle, Plant and Coast% leads to APAC North. Better gaming support is the key to the success of the R6 and it seems that the C9 has its pluses.

C9 is a full-fledged terrorist for APAC, but has yet to be an international success. The COVID-19 pandemic effectively removed international debt from the potential sector, but part of it was that APAC became a new field without a large number of quality teams.

C9 will soon get a chance to prove its form. The six invitations are usually postponed from February to May, which is in the right corner. The design has not been announced yet, but the C9 is already eligible for the competition. If they continue to play in a similar manner, they will get the deepest run that the APAC team has not produced since Nora-Rengo (2018 Pro League Finals season eight) and Fennadic (SI 2020).

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