Dust 2 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Dust 2 Tips and Tricks: The correct use of grenades, tactical boosting and timing are key factors for a victory in CS: GO. We’ll show you dust 2 tips and tricks that you should definitely know.

Anyone who has watched one professional game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive knows that grenades are extremely important. In order to work your way up to the highest matchmaking rank (global elite) in the game, you need a large portfolio of grenade line-ups in addition to good aiming and social skills.

The motto: The better a team can handle the grenades, the more difficult it will be for the opponent to capture or hold a bomb spot.

Note: There are often so-called “ jump throws ” in the tutorials. This means grenades thrown in the jump, which you have to assign to a key in your config so that they are 100% accurate.

We recommend these instructions for this !


Dust2 is also the best-known and most frequently played map in CS: GO. Its simple and bright display makes it easy for beginners in particular. Compared to many other cards, Dust2 is very aim-heavy, but there is a large portfolio of Smokes, Flashes, Molotovs and HE grenades that you can use to get one step closer to your victory.

The basics

Smoke grenades

Smoke grenades are important to take away the enemy’s sight. smokes can also be used as “fakes”  for confusion. Here are some interesting positions that will give you a significant advantage.

Flash grenades

A properly used stun grenade or “ flash ” can bring even the toughest opponent to their knees. But be careful! It is crucial that you let your teammates recognize early on when you want to blind in a position.

Advanced tricks

The smoke line-up of Team Avangar for an attack of the A-spots on Short:

You can recapture bomb spot B with these tricks:

With two players and good timing, an A-Lang control is easy:

With just one incendiary grenade you can prevent an A-short rush:

A nasty boost to bomb spot B to surprise the opposing team:

Also a boost that gives you a deep insight into A-Lang:

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