How to get diamonds in free fire for free in simple steps

Here’s a quick guide on how to earn Free Fire diamonds for free.

How to get diamonds in free fire for free

How to get diamonds in free fire for free: Garena free fire is played by thousands of people each and every day across the globe and has become one of the most popular mobile games worldwide. The most important question is: what are Free Fire diamonds and can they be used to purchase items in the game? Those who play Free Fire often and want to understand how to get diamonds in Free fire.

What Are Free Fire Diamonds?

Diamonds are basically a currency in Free Fire, which allows players to purchase various items such as costumes, guns, skins, and other items on the mobile game. This is unlike Free Fire redeem codes, since diamonds can be used anywhere and anytime. We have listed few easy methods for your convenience that will let you earn free Free Fire diamonds. These methods will allow you to purchase items like skins, emoticons, characters, and new weapons from the in-game store.

How To Get Diamonds in Free Fire for free

You can earn free diamonds on Free Fire game through a few different apps on Google Play store. These apps include Booyah! app, Google Opinion Rewards, Poll Pay App, among other options.

By downloading the Booyah! App, players can access the Free Fire competitions and events that are hosted frequently on the platform that award diamonds.

So players can earn new diamonds in-game and have the ability to buy everything in Free Fire’s store.

In Free Fire, you can use Google Play Balance to buy diamonds. This credit can be used as Google Play credits to take part in surveys on Google Play.

To earn rewards via the app, players are required to do some activities such as attend quizes and more, along with completing the tasks. The app works similar to Google Opinion Rewards.

As rewards are earned, Google Play balances will be transferred into a free Diamonds account, which can be used to purchase diamonds directly from Free Fire.

Google Opinion Rewards is not the only app that works in a similar manner. Another app called GPT (Get-Paid-To) is also available.

Surveys and quizzes will be required of players, and they will earn Google Play balance that can be used to buy Free Fire diamonds.

How To Buy Free Fire Diamonds Via Google Play Balance

  • Launch Free Fire on your smartphone.
  • At the top of the screen, click on the diamond icon.
  • Numbers of diamonds will be displayed in a popup.
  • In my case, I bought the app because it wasn’t responsive. Once you select the number of diamonds that you wish to purchase, the app will direct you to Google Play.
  • Payment can also be made with your credit card if you select Google Play balance as the payment method.

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