Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: What to do after losing a guest account in Free Fire?

Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: There is no doubt that Free Fire is one of the most popular Battle Royal games so far. Its classic gameplay has attracted millions of active players around the world with exciting new twists. However, with such a large player-base, maintaining the community and solving their demands and problems is no easy task for the developer.

Free Fire constantly updates to keep players fresh and busy. As more and more players come to enjoy the experience of Battle Royal, more problems also arise. One of the hottest topics on the game forum is Free Fire Guest Account Recovery.

It seems that many gamers somehow lose their game data or accidentally delete their in-game and can no longer access the lost information.

Some cases are worse than others as they lose progress accumulated over the years along with diamonds. Therefore, we really hope that we will help you with the Free Fire Guest Account Recovery Guide.

What is Free Fire Guest Account?

Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: What to do after losing a guest account in Free Fire?

Before we log in to the Free Fire Guest Account, let’s first know what is the guest account in the game. Generally, when you first download Free Fire on your device and log in, you are asked if you want to log in with Facebook, or as a guest.

More specifically, a guest account is registered when you are not linked and syncs data through available channels while playing Free Fire. Instead, all account data is stored right on your device’s internal storage. Therefore, if you accidentally delete data, it is almost impossible to recover the Free Fire Guest Account.

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Although some players intentionally delete their Free Fire Guest Account, some have no plans to do so. However, unforeseen circumstances arise and cause them to lose all data in internal storage. When this happens, it is difficult even for the technical team of Free Fire to recover it.

  • Change gaming device
  • Reset mobile phone and accidentally lose all information
  • Accidentally cleaning storage
  • Forget password in your Free Fire account

How to recover your data from Free Fire Guest Account?

Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: What to do after losing a guest account in Free Fire?

As we have said earlier, the data of Free Fire Guest Account is stored on your personal device and not on the game server. This makes it even more difficult to recover because no information can be accessed in the database.

This means that once you remove the internal storage, the data cannot be recovered again. Even developers cannot help you with this problem.

However, if the guest account file is still intact on your phone, it is expected. Here’s how you can submit a request to get Free Fire Guest Account back: –

  • Visit the Free Fire Help Center, or find the Free Fire Guest Account Recovery link.
  • On the page, select the option “Game Concern”
  • Here, you will see three options: Click Account Ban, Lost Guest Account, or Lost FB Account, Free Fire Guest Account Recover.
  • You will be directed to another page, scroll down and “submit a request”.
  • Enter your information as required. This includes your email address, type of problems and a description of the situation. You should also note your in-game nickName and ID. Choose the server, add any required files, and submit.
  • From there, wait for the email from the support team.

Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: How to Protect Your Account?

Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: What to do after losing a guest account in Free Fire?

Do you know that you can prevent data from being deleted in the first place. It is so simple, just choose one of the available options. Ignore fully using the guest account option and go directly to the linked account. Free Fire currently supports signing up with Facebook, Google or VK.

Once you sync your account data, there is no need for Free Fire Lost Guest Account Recovery. All information is now secure on the cloud server, and you can easily access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.

You can change the device without any worries in the world of freely moving store data back and forth. Also, it tries to make the lost information so easy. So sign up with Facebook, Google or Vk to protect yourself from all kinds of problems.

How to recover lost Free Fire account step by step process

Garena focuses on three criteria when determining account loss:

Free Fire Guest Account Recovery: What to do after losing a guest account in Free Fire?
  • Account Ban
  • Lost Guest Account
  • Lost FB account

Below are the steps players can take to reclaim their lost Facebook accounts:

step 1: Please visit the official Facebook login page by clicking here.

Step 2: Click on ‘Forgotten Password’.

step 3: Search for the account using the email address or mobile number. After the profile appears, choose the option to receive the OTP at the desired number.

Step 4: You will be able to login to Facebook once your password has been reset.

step 5: Launch Free Fire and go back to your original profile after you have changed your password.

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