Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up: How To Get 95% Valuable Reward Discount

It is still confusing for many players to figure out how to get a free fire 10 rupees offer top up. We’ll uncover the secret for you today.

As free fire offers a variety of events, it knows how to keep its players engaged. New events are launched periodically, so players are always having new events to choose from.

Among the many types of Free Fire events, the top-up event offers exclusive rewards as players get to do easy tasks in exchange for them.

It is quite common for players to claim a reward after topping up just a few rupees, like 1, 5 or 10.

In spite of this, players often get confused whether a free fire 10 rupees offer top up is possible in India or not. Today, let’s look at the method to top up a small number of diamonds in Free Fire.

What is Free Fire 10 rupees offer

Free Fire promotion offers players the chance to get huge discounts on prize packages for stargazing, as well as participate in in-game events.

Several valuable gifts are available, including bundles, gun skins, and many other goodies. Players can get up to 95% off for a package of items.

Despite that, not every player gets the free fire 10 rs offer. There are a limited number of players who are able to top up directly via PayTM.

Even though everyone would love to buy the valuable packages, the special offer likely will be given to new players who can’t purchase any legendary items from the game.

To get the Free Fire 10 rupees offer top up even if you do not meet the above requirements, try out the following trick.

Players who do not have legenday gun skins can only take advantage of Free Fire 10 rupees offer top up. If you meet the requirement, you can simply play the Classic Squad mode and you will immediately see the 10 or 29 diamond offer after completing the match.

If you wish to get the Free Fire 10 rupees offer online in any other way, here is the guide:

  • In the event that you have ever owned a legendary item, un-equip it and reset it to the default skin.
  • Make sure Battle Royal mode is unchecked before opening Classic Strike mode.
  • “Classic squad Strikeout Mode Bermuda” is a special mode you can play.
  • If you meet the two conditions of the special mode: (1) a minimum of five kills on your team, and (2) victory in the battle, you will see the Free Fire 10 rupees offer.

Free Fire 10 rupees offer top up requirements

If you want to get the 10 rupees free Fire top up, there will be a few things to note:

  • To see the offer, you must have a level of 15 or higher
  • You might see a deal that is 2 rupees or a 29 rupees depending on the player, but the price will vary.
  • A colorful airdrop will appear in the corner of your home screen if the deal is available
  • The only method of payment that is currently valid is PayTM.
  • You can also clear the cache by going to the path: Settings / Apps / Free Fire / Cache / Clear Cache if you are unable to see the 10 rupee airdrop offer after following the instructions.
Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up: How To Get 95% Valuable Reward Discount

Free Fire 10 rupees offer top up

Players who top up diamonds in-game can receive different types of gifts through Free Fire’s daily events, one of which is a top-up mission with which they can receive a lot of prizes. They can claim more gifts the more diamonds they top up.

As a result, there will be 3 or 4 levels in the mission, and players who are not interested in playing through the whole game can just claim the reward on the first level.

This type of contest requires only a small amount of diamonds for winning, so if you’re used to these events, you must know that the first mission is quite simple.

Although you might have thought it would be easy, free fire 10 rupees offer top up turns out to be quite challenging as almost all the top up platforms do not provide this small amount of diamond.

In Google Play Store, the lowest amount you can top up is 80 diamonds, however GoKharido and Coda Shop offer top-up deals of 50 diamonds.

Therefore, you will need to top up with either 50 or 80 diamonds when you enter your credit card details online to claim the Free Fire 10 rupees offer.

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How to get 10 Rupees Offer AirDrop:

Everyone wishes they had one of the beautiful legendary skins in Free Fire. The gun skins look radiant, so everyone wishes they had one to possess in their collections.

To buy these skins in Free Fire, players need Diamonds, so you have to top up Diamonds. However, as a special offering for beginners, Free Fire sends 10 Rupees airdrop to those who are beginners or do not have any skins.

As for this drop, it is limited to those players who do not own legendary outfits and skins, as it is given to those who cannot afford to top up or purchase items from the store.

The information above covers everything you need to know about the Free Fire 10 rupees offer top up. Keep checking back for more updates about games and entertainment at!

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