3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

Free Fire Pro Player Settings: See how these pro players can be so good by taking a look at their Free Fire HUD settings.

‘Free Fire’ is one of the most popular mobile battle royale games available. It was released by Garena in 2017. Free Fire became an instant hit due its dynamic gameplay and accessibility to everyone.

Free Fire’s in-game settings are a major factor that will determine your success. While the default HUD settings are decent, they aren’t flexible enough for high level play.

This article will show you what the top three Best Free Fire pro players settings are currently. These players have won multiple big tournaments which proves their talent.

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3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

1) VasiyoCRJ7 Free Fire Settings

3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

The best Free Fire player in India, VasiyoCRJ7, is currently playing for Galaxy Racer Esports after playing for Total Gaming Esports.

VasiyoCRJ7 always brings out the best performance, regardless of the team he is in. He received the Free Fire India Esports Award as Fragger of the Year in 2020.

You should seriously explore this guy’s Free Fire settings, especially if you’re a rusher player seeking ways to improve.

VasiyoCRJ7 set up his HUD in Free Fire to appear as follows: He moved the D-Pad up a bit, closer to the center of the screen, and added the Gloo Wall touchpad right next to the D-Pad to make switching quick.

On VasiyoCRJ7’s HUD, Quick Weapon Switch is enabled and placed to the right of the Fire button. On the left of the Fire button is the button used to turn on his character ability. His settings appear quite small when compared to other Free Fire pro player settings.

3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

2) TheCruz Free Fire Settings

3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

He was also named the MVP of the grand finals for his team Phoenix Force (EVOS Esports TH), having scored 23 kills, half of what they scored in the grand finals. He is a beast and one of the best rushers in the world.

There is no doubt that his settings in Free Fire have contributed significantly to his ability to win numerous tournaments and maintain their high performance for so long.

I am going to show you how the HUDs are set up by TheCruz in Free Fire. He increases all the important buttons to 100, which are Jump, Crouch, Run, Ability, Fire, Backpack, Healing, Aim, and Grenade.

Players’ status bars are right on top of his Quick Weapon Switch button. Overall, his Custom HUD isn’t that different from the default one.

3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

3) PAHADI Free Fire Settings

3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

He was named the Sniper of the Year by Free Fire India Esports Award for the year 2020. He recorded a total of 96 kills during the Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall, which no other player in that tournament came close to. He currently plays for Team Spirit Gaming.

Although his team finished second in the Free Fire Tri-Series recently, PAHADI was the MVP with 75 kills. Let’s take a look at what HUD settings PAHADI used to be such a great sniper.

PAHADI in Free Fire changes the HUD settings to show 100 buttons. In addition, he moves the D-pad left to the left corner and places the Aim button over the left D-Pad. Finally, the Grenade button appears above the D-Pad.

The Quick Weapon Switch is placed right next to the Left Fire button, after he pulls it to the top.

3 Best Free Fire Pro Player Settings In 2022

When he uses abilities, fires, changes weapons, or crouchs quickly, PAHADI can change directions using the space around the Right Fire button.

Watch the video below to hear PAHADI explain his HUD settings in detail.

Which Free Fire pro player settings do you think will suit you best? What do you think about these Free Fire pro player settings?

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