Best pets in Free Fire in 2022

3 best pets in Free Fire: The concept of pets in Free Fire is one of the most unique and intriguing elements of the title Battle Royal. These creatures not only follow the soldiers around the map as their companions, but also help users in some battles.

The game has the largest collection of pets, and with the exception of kitty and mechanical pubs, each pet has an extraordinary ability.

The choice of pets is completely covered and depends on the choice of the player. Here is a list of the best pets available at Garena Free Fire.

3 Best pets in Free Fire


best pets in Free Fire
ottero pet in freefire

In-game description: “Sleeps with its headphones on, a musically talented otter.”

Efficiency: Double BlubberUp on using a treatment gun or Med Kit to replenish health, players who fit with this pet will receive a certain amount of EP, which is equivalent to 35% of the recovered HP. This capacity is enhanced with more attention, and at the highest level, the HP-65% EP is filled.


best pets in Free Fire
falco in freefire

In-game description: “When it spreads its wings, and soars, sky and land merge at the horizon”.

Skill: Skyline Spree

This skill increases the gliding speed while skydiving by 15%. The diving speed after opening the parachute is buffed by 25%, while these enhancements are also applied to the entire team.This speed is buffed by 45% and 50% respectively at the maximum pet level.

Mr. Waggor

Best pets in Free Fire in 2022
Wr.Waggor in freefire

Game Description: “When a guinea pig was in the lab, Mr. Vagor was brought home as a pet due to a greed, which led to his large escape and later wandering life.

” Ability: At the soft glow base level, the player can make a glow tail grenade every 120 seconds when there is no glow wall. As the level increases, efficiency improves, most of the time, Mr. Walker can make a glow tail grenade every 100 seconds, when players have less than two glow tail grenades.

Which is the best pet in Free fire in 2022

Penguin pet is the best pet in free fire game. Gluval is another best pet.

Falco is also good. below is the reality. Both are good pets in free fire. The sucking depends on your gameplay style.

Best pet name in Free Fire





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