FAU-G Mobile Game is said to be released in December

FAU-G Mobile Game is said to be released: FAU-G(Fearless and United Guards), WHO seem to be rivals to PUBG, have already set a record in their pre-registrations with over a million pre-registrations for the particular launch of the sport.

As per the developers, this can be the very best range of pre-registrations in an exceedingly day, with Indian gamers asking concerning game downloads. currently there’s a similar question on everyone’s lips.

Indian players are still recovering from the shock that PUBG Mobile cannot be released in India before March 2021. However, there may be some good news on this offer for competitor PUBG Mobile India FAU-G (Fearless and United Guards).

According to the Insight report, the game is set for a December final release, citing some sources for the NCore game behind FAU-G. FAU-G has a major advantage in delaying the big-time release of PUBG Mobile India due to the government’s failure to request in a meeting with a blanket ban on 118 Chinese applications.

The report states that FAU-G developers are working hard to make sure the game is ready and ready to begin by the end of December, which is the perfect time for players as it is a holiday. Even before launch, FAU-G broke the record if it had already registered 1.06 million in 24 hours. The APK download link is only available on the Google Play Store has nCore has released an official announcement regarding the start of the game.

Is FAU-G on track?

Initially, when the game was launched on the Google Play Store, players with content ratings above 16+ were required to play. However, in the current Google Play Store, the content rating for FAU-G has now been changed to Teen, meaning that it may slightly reduce the acts of bloodshed, violence and violence, and may have less negative effects. is. Children who want it. PUBG Mobile India is said to be facing a battle with NCPCR leader Priyank Kanungo, the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights is not in favor of such a game due to graphic violence involving PUBG Mobile.If you type FAU-G in the Google Play Store, FAU-G will appear, but it is not yet downloaded or enabled. When you click on FAU-G, it helps to register before the game.

How different is PUBG Mobile India from FAU-G?

It is a difficult task for the brave.” Fearless and United Guard. Join the special section of FAUG Commandos to patrol dangerous area. When you interact with India with the invaders, the enemies of India join. ”

This means that FAU-G is an action game and is not a combat royal mode game like PUBG Mobile India. The FAU-G background is considered to be the Calvan Valley, which sees tensions between India and China. Also, there is no problem about user data and information because everything is stored in the database in the country and is not a threat to national security.

PUBG Mobile India has unfortunately fallen prey to national security issues and if the government did not lift the ban on 118 signature applications, there is no way to launch PUBG Mobile India in India.

How to pre-register for FAU-G

1)Open FAU-G Pre-registration page. click here to visit the page.

2)Next you have to click the green colour pre-registration button.

3) click on the ok button to complete the pre-registration process.

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