All fake FAUG Apps removed from Google Play store before real FAU-G app launch

FAUG is a multiplayer game developed by nCORE Games. The announcement of faug was made by Bollywood actress Akshay Kumar. The founder of nCORE Games Vishal Gondal has asked the app officials to remove such apps. So, All fake FAUG Apps removed by officials.

All fake FAUG Apps removed

After the ban on the Chinese application PUBG, the task of creating its own version of this application in India is strong, and in this chapter, the FAU-G application will be launched soon if the national PUBG. But before the introduction of this application, several fake game applications such as FAUG and FAU-G appeared in the Google Play Store, which was removed by Google. This is good news for the developer of the FAU-G application.

Honestly, many fake game developers put fake military game apps in the play store and users download it as real, but as a result, they face a lot of phone issues and a lot of complaints were filled about it Huh. , After which Google has now taken drastic action to remove all these fake apps from the Play Store. In this scenario, if you now search for an application called FAUG or FAU-G, you will not find any application.

Studio NCore, the FUA-G game utility developer trying to make a sequel to PUBG in India, released a military teaser in October, and then it’s worth seeing feedback from users. Previously, this application was listed in the Google Play Store. FAU-G is expected to launch for Indian users in November, but it is unlikely and the game’s release is currently in its final stages.

In military derision, a mock was shown in the Galvan Valley of India, with 8 National War Parties guarding the border. Users must join PUBG lines in a special section of FAU-G commandos in this game, and then at each level they face enemies. Users protect themselves as these special commandos and eliminate enemies as well. There has been a huge demand for such games since PUBG was banned, after which Akshay Kumar told the public about the game and then the app developer promised to show PUBG a domestic avatar. The Game developers had announced that the game would be launched in November.but the month has come to an end, the players are anxious about its release.

Meanwhile,the PUBG Mobile India version is also to be launched later this year. If this is true FAU-G may miss the opportunity to add more players to the subscriber site, as most of them will return to PUBG Mobile.

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