5 starter tips for better gameplay in CSGO

Tips for better gameplay in CSGO: Global Offensive is easy to learn, but difficult to master. If you are new to the world of first-person shooters, you should take a little time to implement the basics with the Valve title.

In order to master Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, some in-game knowledge is necessary in addition to practice. Basic aspects in CS: GO are expanded here with five tips to improve performance.

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Tips for better gameplay in CSGO

The right weapons and the right use

Every weapon available has its charm, but not all should be used. For now, focus only on the most important rifles and pistols. This includes the starter pistols (Glock and USP) and possibly a P250 or a Tec-9. When it comes to heavier weapons, the use of the M4 and AK is recommended. These weapons should be perfected the most, because ideally they will be used the most.

5 starter tips for better gameplay in CSGO

In some cases where you opt for alternative weapons like the SMGs, simply choose the MP9 as the Counter-Terrorist (CT) or the Mac-10 as the Terrorist (T). These will work well and will not empty your wallet either, but offer a nice sum of money per question. And before you really feel adventurous and want to use an AWP, take the time to learn how the gun works.

There are numerous tutorial videos that illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the AWP. Regarding the shooting itself, the most important tip is to keep the crosshairs at head level. It happens so often that new players walk around with their crosshairs pointed at the ground. The opponents are only there if they are already out of action.

In addition, it should not be reloaded immediately after a few shots. While it may be the case in other FPS titles, reloading in CS: GO needs to be done at the right time. Otherwise, the opponent can quickly have an advantage and fire you as a defenseless target.

Positioning and movement

Always remember where you are on the map. How many angles are you exposed to? Where can the enemies come from? What can you see There are many factors to consider. Positioning will make a huge difference in how long you survive in the round.The important thing is the variation of positions. Do not keep the same angle all the time, after all the enemy will notice and can use his utility in the form of HE shells or Molotovs against you.

Utility is part of it like the main weapon

Those who do not use a utility make their own life unnecessarily difficult. The grenades are relatively easy to use once the basics are in place. They can make a huge difference in defense and attacking bomb sites as well. It will also help you a lot if you have to change a situation.

5 starter tips for better gameplay in CSGO

Imagine you are stuck because the enemy is holding a corner on you. With the use of a smoke grenade or stun grenade, you can reposition yourself to get out of the bind and gain an advantage.

Utility is fundamentally important for teamwork. Because as a teammate positioned further back you can support your attacking teammates with flashes and smokes. You can only take a limited amount with you. It is therefore important to time the respective utility well and, for example, use the smoke grenades in the right spots. This really applies to any type of utility.

You play in a team

It may sound terribly obvious, but a lot of the time people play like they’re the only ones on the map. When you move and communicate as a unit, you can achieve much more. You can combine your utility with each other and check several angles at the same time. Getting into or defending a bomb site will suddenly seem a lot less effortless or daunting.

With the right team coordination, your chances of winning will increase dramatically. While that’s not always the case if you’re just playing normal matchmaking. For this reason, it is also advisable to partner with people you already know. That way you can work together to play as a unit.

Learn from the best

Of course, you won’t magically start aiming like Navi-Star s1mple . But as soon as you watch professional players in tournaments, there is a good chance you will get some interesting information and practical tips. You may notice a spot that is used a lot that helps win a round. You can see where certain players are using their utility and how the line-up is being aligned.

In a complex game like CS: GO there are millions of tips, some of which are more useful than others. At the end of the day, practice makes perfect. With the use of time in certain movements, shooting behavior or utility timings, you get better the more you practice.

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