How Cheater CS:GO is currently unplayable

Cheater CS:GO is currently unplayable : Matchmaking and accusations of cheating have been inseparable in CS: GO for years. But in the past few weeks the problem seems to have exploded.

Often, opponents in CS: GO are called cheaters, even though they are actually just good players. Accordingly, such allegations are not really to be taken seriously. That has changed in the recent past, however, because the number of obvious cheaters in matchmaking has increased dramatically.

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Cheater CS:GO is currently unplayable

There have been various systems in Counter-Strike for several years that are supposed to keep cheaters out of fair matchmaking games. There’s VAC Overwatch, the much-discussed trust factor, and trusted mode. But these measures seem to have been completely overridden at the moment. The developers are also aware of this.

Allegedly, the cause of the problem has been identified and rectified. Nevertheless, even players with a high trust factor still get opponents in every second match who can navigate the map perfectly at 36,000 RPM and distribute head shots. The reactions on Twitter show that this is not an isolated case.

Something has to changeCounter-Strike: Global Offensive is now more than eight years old. Nevertheless, wishes that the community has expressed for years are still not to be found in the game. There is no premium matchmaking with 128 tick servers. The cheaters seem to have an easier game than ever. There are hardly any innovations in the map pool, no suggestions for testing new content from the community.

With the elimination of the big tournaments with sold out arenas and roaring spectators, the hype about esports is slowly disappearing. Nothing fundamental is improved on the game itself. The North American scene is happily collapsing and Valve is watching, bored. At least their communication makes the impression.

CS: GO needs a breath of fresh air. The game deserves that, the players deserve it. Valve has often disappointed with passive communication and non-updates. Let’s see how long the scene in Europe will remain big.

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