CS:GO – 5 tips for playing the T-side

How do you play the T-side in Counter-Strike? We give you the most important tips to become a real CS: GO professional. Let’s see about 5 tips for playing the T-side.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has two different sides: the terrorists (T) and the counter-terrorists (CT). But which strategy and tactics would you have to use on the respective side? We have collected the right tips for you and start with the T-side.

5 tips for playing the T-side

1. Accept the aggression

 As a terrorist you have to attack the spots on maps with a bomb scenario. Only these types of maps are currently in the competitive map pool. On the T side, you are forced to take the initiative because the lap time is relentlessly running down. An often made mistake on the T-side is camping. Those who take too much time also give the CTs time to explore rooms and the element of surprise can turn against you.So be brave and take advantage when you are on the road as a scout. Use peeks to spot the defenders before he can see you. Prefire is also a good key to chasing CTs out of cover or even eliminating them there. If you can use your utility well, you can take a bombshell without the enemy knowing what’s going on.

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2. Utility is your friend

On the T side, utility is the central component in order to be successful. Well-placed smoke grenades can completely block the view of the counter-terrorists and also prevent CTs that are differently positioned during the rotation from taking over the bomb spot. Because normally the CT team is spread over the entire map. This means that the entire CT team will seldom defend just one spot. So if you take out at least two players on a spot, a spot is quickly in your hands. Flash grenades are also an effective means of doing this, as we have already described in our article on utility.

CS:GO - 5 tips for playing the T-side
A Molotov is blocking the connector on Mirage T-players have to wait or take significant damage while advancing. On the other hand, the highly dangerous items are very good for aggressive moves to lure the defenders out of their positions.

Of course, you should always make good use of Molotov and HE shells. Molotovs are ideal for driving opponents out of defense and then targeting them. HE grenades can always take away enough life points from players, so that in the best case scenario they can then be eliminated with just one good hit. In addition, HE grenades are a lethal affair in conjunction with several players. Standard positions of the opponents offer themselves as a goal.

3. Pay attention to the time

Terrorists play against time – even some well-known teams sometimes seem to forget that. The counter-terrorists can simply let the time run down without being proactive. As a T-side, on the other hand, you should always be active and seek success. Some teams wait until shortly before the end of the lap and only then attack. It is certainly advantageous that this can confuse the CTs and cause them to rotate incorrectly when the Ts play fakes. In other words, they simulate an attack at one spot, but then choose the opposite one.

If the T-side only attacks a few seconds before the end of the round, the tactics have to work perfectly and the defenders have to be purposefully eliminated. But the longer the Ts wait, the more likely it is that they will try to flank from the CT side. Then the trap can snap shut from behind.

4. Map control and knowledge

An essential part of the T-side is the control of the map – the map Control. Imagine a map like Mirage

with an effective opening location in the middle. The middle is often alluded to and is usually fought over. Once the T-side is centered, there are many options. The terrorists can then dive through the connector, into underpass or push over short. The CTs are thereby pushed back onto the two spots and can also be cut off by using utility.

Linked to this, of course, is the need to know the map perfectly. In particular, you should know where opponents can be found regularly. Let’s take the example of Mirage again, for example , where there is always a CT player in the window. From there he can peek well and target the Ts. As a T-side you can also take countermeasures if you block the view of the CT with smoke grenades or drive it away with a Molotov. So always think about the utility and how you use it.

5. The Bomb Plant changes everything

As soon as the bomb is planted, the dynamics of the T-side change. If you had to attack first, your role now changes to defenders. The CTs now have to change roles to the aggressive game and get you out of hiding. Now you should be patient and let the bomb timer tick as much as possible.

CS:GO - 5 tips for playing the T-side
With the Bomb Plant the roles change and as T you have to use a different tactic.

If the CTs try to defuse the bomb, you have the knowledge of the position – because you have placed the bomb there. At that moment at least one of the counter-terrorists reveals the position. The defuser can be eliminated from good cover. But be careful, some CTs also fake the defusing and consequently open fire on you as soon as you leave your cover. In addition, some try a ninja defuse in the smoke. Only if you know exactly where the bomb is, you can safely eliminate the enemy. As a last tip: never leave the bomb spot too early, because an opponent could wait in secret and defuse the bomb when you are already on the run.

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