How to Check Your stats of 1 year in Valorant

How to Check Your stats of 1 year in Valorant

How to Check Your stats of 1 year in Valorant: RIOT Games tactical shooter Valorant just celebrated its first anniversary with the Year One event. During the event, players were able to enjoy returning skins and other cosmetic items, in addition to the game’s anniversary event. How to Check Your stats of 1 year in … Read more

Release Date for Valorant New Agent 16

Release Date for Valorant New Agent 16

Release date for Valorant New Agent 16 is only a few days away, and fans are eager to find out more about Riot Games’ tactical shooter, Valorant. Aside from the plethora of new content to the title, is the Episode 3 update, of what the fans are looking forward to the most is, perhaps, the … Read more

Do You know How To Get Valorant Duality Player Card?

How To Redeem Valorant Duality Player Card

How To Redeem Valorant Duality Player Card? The Valorant Duality player card was revealed by Riot Games through a cinematic earlier today during the VCT: Stage 2 Masters’ Grand Finals. Valorant is one of the famous titles of Riot and since its launch, the first-person tactical shooter has reportedly shook the whole community by storm. … Read more

Is Valorant Present on XBOX? All You need to Know


Is Valorant Present on XBOX: In a world where soldiers are tired of with Counter-Strike: global attacks, Riot has come up with a similar game to satisfy the communities suffice. On July 2, 2020, Riot Games diversified from their M.O. Is Valorant Present on XBOX The collapse of their first FPS game to take over … Read more

When does Valorant map Breeze will arrive?

Valorant map Breeze

The new VALORANT Map Breeze is on the test servers. What does the new map look like and how is it structured. The official release is on April 27th. The sixth map in VALORANT is called Breeze and will officially start next Tuesday. Riot Games has had the card tested on selected servers for a restricted audience … Read more

The great VALORANT beginner’s guide

VALORANT beginner's guide

VALORANT beginner’s guide: Since the first-person shooter from Riot Games was released, it has gained many players. We explain everything you need to know about VALORANT. VALORANT beginner’s guide If you don’t want to spend money on new games, no problem! VALORANT is 100 percent free-to-play. If you already have a League of Legends account, you can use … Read more

Valorant-Where can I find the radio command wheel?

radio command wheel

In VALORANT, the radio command wheel sends messages at lightning speed. What information is possible and where is the radial menu actually hidden on the keyboard? Communication is the be-all and end-all in esports. Of course, this also applies to multiplayer such as VALORANT. In the shooter from Riot Games, players can communicate with each other … Read more