5 best skills for COD Mobile operators in 2022

skills for COD Mobile operators: Players can use operator skills, which provide powerful weapons, to achieve great results in Call of Duty Mobile. Here are the top 5 skills. skills for COD Mobile operators

Comparatively, Call of Duty Mobile is a relatively complex game compared to its competitors. Besides numerous guns and weapons, players can also accomplish multiple goals using Scorestreaks and Operator Skills.

COD Mobile 2022 will feature the top five greatest operator skills in season 4, here in this article.

The Operator Skill icon on the right side of the screen is activated once it has charged while playing multiplayer matches. Once charged, the Operator Skill icon will appear on the Right side of the screen.

By taking down enemies and completing in-game objectives, you can speed up the charge times for your COD Mobile Operator Skills. skills for COD Mobile operators

skills for COD Mobile operators

1) Sparrow

Our final Operator Skill in COD Mobile 2022 list is that of the Sparrow from Black Ops 3. The Sparrow fires explosive bolts that increase in force the longer it is drawn.

The weapon can virtually destroy all Scorestreaks and players due to this, making it extremely damaging.

Despite being listed as a poor projectile option, the Sparrow can fire lots of arrows. Although not much work is required to use the bow, the arrows are incredibly fast.

The Annihilator is similar in many ways to this bow when drawn at its maximum.

Check out this article to learn more about how CID Mobile’s Sparrow could assist you. Looking for more COD Mobile articles? Check out this article on how to use Sparrow.


As an Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile, the Tempest fires electricity bolts that arc between players.

The Tempest can kill or immobilize players if it lands directly on them or if they are close to the impact zone. This weapon must be charged up before it can be fired – if the trigger is released before the charging is complete, it won’t function.

Tempest attacks now possess a splash effect, so we’re less likely to waste shots if we miss a shot now that it deals much less damage than in Battle Royale.

A legendary weapon, Tempests can be reloaded with Ballistic Expert Ammunition and can spawn in airdrops. Of the aforementioned weapons, the Tempests are definitely one of the best because it allows you to kill multiple enemies all at once.

Bull Charge

This Operator skill costs less time and is available fairly early on in Call of Duty: Mobile 2022. It lets you charge around while riding a heavy shield – any enemies hit by the shield would instantly die. Kills with Bull Charge count as a headshot.

A Bull Charge will be negated if you hit a wall. Bull Charges can also be used to enhance mobility. When used against each other, two Bull Charges will cancel each other out.

If you are using this skill, you should try to find narrow passageways that do not have covers so that you can use the weapon against inexperienced or unsuspecting foes. Your enemies can’t escape your charge this way.


As part of the Season 6 Once Upon a Time in Rust update, the Annihilator returns in Call of Duty: Mobile as an Operator Skill.

In this weapon, there are six depleted uranium rounds packed in high caliber, resulting in extremely damaging shots. The weapons contains only six bullets.

Even the VTOL can be taken down in 3 shots with the Annihilator in multiplayer. Even at close range, the Annihilator can one-shot players both from behind cover and at any range.

In BR Mode, this weapon can be found in Airdrop, which has more ammo and reduces damage. It’s only weakness is its slightly low accuracy, which is irrelevant in close quarters combat.

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Ballistic Shield

With the Ballistic Shield, you can fire a machine pistol at your opponents while covering your body with reasonable protection. It is from Black Ops 4 and is one of the best Operator skills for 2022.

A few nerfs have reduced the number of bullets it can hold to 40 from 100 originally.

Ballistic Shield is a portable shield, that can be carried around while moving, that comes with a machine gun that fires rapid shots and has a 40 round magazine which is more than enough to take out several enemies at once.

The disadvantage is that it is quite heavy, and users’ mobility will be reduced. To counter this skill, players should either retreat to a flank or fire a grenade.

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