7 essential tips for winning in Warzone – from start to finish

7 essential tips for winning in Warzone: If you want to improve your chances of winning in Call of Duty: Warzone, you have to have a tactic. It starts with the drop spot and continues with locomotion and the use of weapons.

7 essential tips for winning in Warzone

From the drop to the final showdown, there are many ways to improve your Warzone gameplay. In this I will tell you about essential tips for winning in Warzone. Here are some tips that can help you from the start of the game to the end of the game.

Jumps off quickly and with a clear goal

There are several advantages to being one of the first players to jump off a plane. So the first thing you can do is choose the best equipment in the area. That means you have the upper hand against players who have just landed or are still slowly floating out of the sky.

You can drastically speed up your fall time by equipping the parachute before going into free fall mode. To do this, of course, you need to have a precise plan in advance of exactly where you want to land.

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You have to plan your game around your landing zone, but one thing remains the same: Whether you want to land in a quiet place or in the middle of a battle, being the first player to hit the ground is always a good tactic.

Prioritize UAVs and UAV stacking

The right information is vital to your success. Therefore, the first thing you should do is get a reconnaissance drone (UAV) before the first drop of equipment. Most of the players will not be in the Ghost class at the time. This means that they are completely visible to the UAVs. UAVs are not only dangerous and useful in the early game, but can also be just as effective as the game progresses. If a complete squad stacks UAVs, for example, information that is decisive for the game can be obtained from them. However, this tool can be quite expensive. However, if this reveals an opposing position and you create an advantage, the tool is worth the money.

Get loadout drops that make you feel safe

UAVs are an extremely important asset, but you should keep an eye out for loadout drops with your squad. These enable all players on your team to select their loadout and equip it in the middle of the game. That means you get weapons that you are already familiar with. So you have an incredible advantage over your opponents. The only downside to loadout drops: You are very vulnerable to robberies. While you are waiting for the drop, opposing teams can ambush you as you are forced to play defensively. 

Sign contracts

The best way to fund these UAVs and loadout drops, as well as the other useful tools, is to sign contracts. These contracts give you a number of benefits, from XP, loadout discounts or certain drops. Contracts undoubtedly guarantee you practical advantages in the game. For players who are not yet able to find their way around the map very well , they also help with navigation. Some players still have to get used to and explore the new Verdansk ’84 map. Therefore, a number of small destinations along the way are very useful, especially if you still make money from them.

7 essential tips for winning in Warzone - from start to finish

Spread the fortune

When you complete contracts (especially scavenger contracts), each member of your team will receive a small reward. If you add these together, the rewards are enough to finance the first loadout. It is important to share your wealth as you progress through the game. Teams whose equipment is evenly divided have a better chance in combat than squads in which one player hoards all the money. Teamwork is the key to victory and it pays to make sure that your teammates are well equipped.

Beware of flares

The shimmering flares indicate that a team is ‘reviving’ a teammate. These moments often trigger massive team fights. Remember that the resuscitated player has hardly any weapons and equipment after respawn. The opposing team is also, in principle, restricted by a capture point. This makes them an easy target for opposing squads. If you position yourself well, you can attack easily. If, on the other hand, you are in the role of your team shooting the flare grenade: Be careful, because other opponents could attack you.

Gas mask – advantages and disadvantages

In all Battle royale titles, players gather at the outer ring as soon as the active play area shrinks. There are several advantages to this strategy, as most players in the toxic gas are focused on fleeing rather than fighting. Obviously, this means you have to buy a gas mask to avoid the ultimate out of the circle ending.

Some important notes before you use the gas mask: The standard mask protects for 15 seconds, while the durable version works for 30 seconds. The gas mask protects against damage and the animation in which the mask is taken up and taken off interrupts the target view (ADS). The ability to dive in and out in circles is extremely beneficial in combat, especially if the zone continues to shrink.

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