Cold War Season 3 Patch Notes: What’s New

Cold War Season 3 Patch Notes. The Season 3 update of COD Warzone & Cold War will go live tomorrow on 20th May. The new Season 3 will bring a lot of new things into the game.

Cold War Season 3 Patch Notes

New game modes

There are three new game modes included in the update. Besides bringing the game modes, they also provide some new perks and loot for you.

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New Weapons

The new weapon is the suppressed assault rifle. The suppressor can be used to increase the chance of muzzle blast bypassing armor and making the weapon easier to use against armored targets. The ACR’s GEP makes recoil and muzzle blast feel like it’s slowing the weapon down.

The Blackout round has been added to Warzone. The round is described as a semi-auto pistol which shoots 6 darts and is considered the “pickup round” of this COD season. Arms and Abilities Mantis perk has been added which allows ACR players to kill players with a burst of energy from the assault rifle and can also be used to fire through the Stealth HUD. Force Gun and Dead Zone are back in Cold War. Both of these are also available in Warzone. Force Gun is also a higher damage weapon in COD Warzone.

New Maps

In the link we talk about major changes to the new Warsan map, but the good thing is that the themed map of the 80s is called Verdansk 84. As you can see in the picture above, most of the northern regions, including the summit, have changed. And army. The original salt is mine and the lineup will come in all new places. The stadium, super store and many other places have been redesigned. The overall layout still feels like Vardansk, but the seats have been redesigned to feel new and fresh.


Here are the upcoming patch notes for Warzone and Cold War: NEW MULTIPLAYER WEAPONS Precision Rounds Spare ammo is built into the Precision Rounds model, which holds up to 20 rounds, and bullets drop off the tip of the round. When shooting at close range, a bullet may slip through the tip. The Tactical Pistol (P.P.R.) The P.P.R. is a multi-calibre pistol that can fire .45, 9mm, and 9x19mm ammo, as well as suppressor rounds that use 9x19mm ammo.

It features sights and an extended barrel, and sports a utility strap. Tactical Assault Rifle The TAR consists of an M4A4 (M4A1) upper receiver with an M249A5 lower receiver. This weapon can fire M249A5 ammo or the standard M4A4 ammo. It has a suppressor, trigger safety, and a 15-round magazine.

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