Best SMG Guns in Warzone

Best SMG Guns in Warzone: Season 3 in Call of Duty: Warzone throws the SMG weapon class into a mess. The selection is huge with 17 models. We have the leaderboard for you.

The release of Season 3 two weeks ago really messed up the metagame in Warzone. This also includes the submachine gun class (SMG). A total of 17 models are available. But which one crushes the opponents and which one you don’t hit a barn door with at three meters: We have put together the ranking list for you, from the top model to the dead man.

Top SMGs


Cold War


Submachine guns have a high firepower, but only hit well at close range. Therefore, you should use the small fire engines in a tactically wise manner. The top SMGs in Warzone are AK-47 SMG, MAC-10, L C10, MP5 Cold War and PPSh-41 are absolutely top-class with their properties. You can’t go wrong with buying these models.

Second row






The SMGs MP7, AK-74u, MP5 MW, AUG and Fennec are not outstanding but still very good. With the right attachments and a little practice, the guns are a valuable alternative to the top SMGs.

Third row


PP19 Bizon



Striker 45

KSP 45

The four submachine guns P90, PP19 Bizon, Bullfrog and Uzi certainly do not belong in the best category. Nevertheless, they do a good job with a perfect loadout. Striker 45 and KSP 45 slide a little lower in this category. At least the Striker has a good range.

Stay away from Milano 821 and ISO SMG

Anyone who finds the two SMGs Milano 821 and ISO SMG can actually safely drop them again. Any other SMG is better than these two, and probably a good pistol will help you more than Milano or ISO.

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