Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile: In the last quarter of 2019, the call of duty on the mobile device was finally found. The franchise has entered a market that is spoken by well-known Battle Royal games such as Fortnight and PUBG, which have two major cuts.

The game’s iconic multiplayer mode and robot battle royal design have helped establish its own player platform, however, COD Mobile will quickly attack all reputable app stores.

Although part of the franchise, COD has its own patch table and meta-game. The game includes maps famous for all code players by memory, but gun changes attacking live servers with content changes can protect you.

Each new COD season introduces gun-game updates that keep the game fresh and sometimes test players’ resilience in the developed world.

Skills and training will always play a big role in how you perform on the field, but you can climb the leaderboard at any time after knowing which weapons will increase your chances of success. All of the best weapons in COD have something that sets them apart from the rest of the weapons, such as damage, rate of fire, or accuracy.

Although it is difficult to declare one weapon the best due to the difference between games, some are brighter than others. We have collected the current best CODM weapons so that you can start climbing the rankings faster.

Best assault rifles


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Introduced in the eighth season, DR-H became one of the best attacking guns in the game due to its high damage and accuracy. The weapon’s moderate fire rate slightly weakens its field power against some SMGs, but if you make the first shot, you’ll always win any dispute.

The OTM attachment increases gun damage from 47, and each body shot corresponds to the same amount of damage as a headshot. If you have trouble landing headshots, the OTM / DR-H combination will be your inspiration in every murder lobby.


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Depending on your playlist, ASM10 may meet your needs more than DR-H. The ASM10 combines high damage with long-range accuracy, making it the ultimate shooter option for everyone with an itchy trigger finger.

The gun was badly stressed in the eighth period, but the ninth period gave the Nerf rate, and ASM10 returned to its previous self. This makes the damage a massive weapon, and takes only three bullets to eliminate an enemy on the map.

Devs may find another way of regulating the weapon, however, reversing a Nerf often means that a more subtle approach may be to balance the gun. Keep an eye on the gun patch notes and gun changes as the king can be removed overnight.


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

The AK-47 is a timeless classic at the moment. Despite the weapons being easy to control, the AK-47’s extremely high loss output is difficult to overcome. You always know what you are doing out of it, and it will always do damage at close range and long range.

If you can control the AK-47’s regression, it can easily become the best weapon in the game as its high damage will destroy anyone. It opens at level 23, meaning it is one of the first weapons you can get your hands on in CODM.

Excellent light machine gun


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Light machine guns are in very good condition. Often, a weapon will always work better. Do you need LMG for close combat? Choose an SMG. Do you need it for long distances? Then go on the assault rifle. But one thing that LMG does better is to continue your Gilstream without reloading to help you.

The size of LMG’s huge press requires the most talented players to dominate the public fight. The M4 LMG has a high damage accuracy of 46 and 61 making it the most reliable LMG in the game. The shooting rate of 63 makes back shots easier and helps to catch the target in the blink of an eye.


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

After some time in the 115th level game, the UL736 feels like a large magazine-sized AK-47. Unlike the AK-47, the UL736 has less backlash, a major drawback of the popular retreat gun. However, business deals must take place, and UL736 is sacrificing mobility in exchange for its manageable setback.

This means that you need to do your rotation better because you cannot bring any light weapon like you to the other side of the room. It would be perfect to combine a role to increase the speed of your movement to make the UL736 more versatile, and the gun flashes particularly well at first in long intermittent collisions.

Best shotguns


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

In a game where the battle is almost in the middle, the ability to get up on one’s face is rare. It offers a relatively useless shotgun compared to other weapons, but you can always style the match with the right choice.

The KRM-262 update was received during the third, and it combines greater damage with better accuracy. With the right link, you can further increase KRM coverage, increasing your chances of being killed in challenging situations. Increased weapon range still doesn’t cover long-range, but you should shoot one or two at anyone from medium range.


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Statistically, the BY-15 is similar to the KRM-262. This is usually the bomb version of the current best gun in the game, opening at the previous level 30. It has slightly poor accuracy and the fact that it is a pump-shot, it is low to medium range, and its performance is a good piece.

You can run into rooms or stay in corners and have a clear opportunity to land a guaranteed shot. Every move of this shotgun depends on one shot of any enemy, which becomes a great option as long as you open the KRM-262.

Best submachine gun


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

The HG40 was one of the first submarine guns you had the opportunity to try. Opening at level 13, the HG40 has recently become a force to reconnect with composite buffers.

The gun has no rear and works effectively within the 25-meter range. If you tamper with the enclosure, you can make it out of long range fights, but this gun should be set for any near quarter position.

This is a lot of damage to an SMG with an accuracy of 40 and 62, which is very difficult to match.

Best sniper rifle


Best guns in Call of Duty Mobile

Another type of sniper rifle, where competition is minimal. The hands-down, Locus, is the best long-range weapon in the game. Can easily shoot any enemy from very long range. Its damage limits 84 and 90 ensure that you do not get prisoners.

70 accuracy compliments other statistics well and makes sure you don’t miss any shot. It opens at the beginning of the game at level 28, which is always a plus. Its damage, range, and mobility can be further enhanced by connections, making it the ultimate choice for almost all maps. Remember the duck when you hear a shot of the loco flying in your ears because you are not so lucky for the second shot.

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